afternoon tea

today we resume our friday afternoon teas. we have been serving tea, once a week during the cooler months, for four years now. each year there are new people who become regulars-- the first year we had two college-aged friends who came every week all winter and chatted, ooo-ed and aaahhh-ed over things, looked at design books-- at the end of the year they brought us ice-cream floats! and, better still, one of them was graduating and she brought her family to meet me! it was such a celebration.

we have plans to start selling our own teas-- fair trade, organic teas-- on a rack above the counter. but for now we serve local, herbal tea and locally made fresh baked goods.

this year we are doing things a little bit differently by having a planned topic of conversations-- this week it is "coping with clutter"-- i am so excited!

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