the secret lives of beds

and no, this is not a tell-all blog.

i was thinking about my bed and how many photos it has been in-- in different houses wearing different dressings-- many of them appear in this blog.

i myself have had many lives-- at one point, for example, i was a punk and i had pink hair; for a little while i went to beauty school; for fifteen years i was a wife; for a while i stayed home with my small children and made bread every day; for a long time i taught college students about race and racism; for years i did research and wrote academic papers; and now, of course, i am a shopgirl and i help people with their houses.

if we see only one photo of a person we might only see one aspect of their lives-- and yet we all have many lives, many moments when we have done different things. like my bed: so different in different photos.

how lucky i am to have had so many opportunities to explore so many different interests!

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