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there is always a certain tension in what we do at the claw foot tub-- are our products design driven or fair trade/eco-friendly driven? for a long time there were fewer choices, or so i felt, in the fair trade world, and many more beautiful useful items that were made in china. it really felt, early on, that we had to make a choice. there were price considerations as well-- local things tend to cost the most, those items made in china cost the least--items made sweatshop-free in europe, or fair trade from india, africa, or south america are often somewhere in between. and then there is the question of our socio/political mission-- how much do we want to beat people over the head with it? in the very beginning we did not advertise our products as fair trade, for example, because we thought it might suggest an image that was not as design focused as we are. then there was a period when we wanted people to know that everything we sell is ethically sourced-- so we had lots of signs attached to every item telling where it was from, etc.

but kate and i both got sick of the clutter that the little signs produced.

so now we have tiny price stickers on everything-- with just a number. we are making a big sign to go behind the cash register with something like our mission statement on it-- we strive to provide products for the home that are of the best quality, highest level of design, AND are ethically sourced-- every single one. we encourage people to ask about the products-- where they are made and by whom-- because we have great stories to tell.

so there you have it. we are learning how to do this...

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