on living in a small house

i tell clients that it takes at least a year to settle into a house-- to figure out where everything goes, to start to feel like it is home, to really decorate. the first year is a series of trial and error experiments. when moving from a large house to a small house the process includes paring down, living with fewer things, deciding what things you need to make your life whole, and which things you can do without.

my children and i moved a little more than a year ago, and we are still sifting through all of our stuff and paring down, still trying pictures in different places on the walls, and still making systems for keeping track of our lives in this house. but it feels like we are at a new level with it all-- that mostly things have a home now, and that our home feels like home. now we are getting to focus on the details, the little stuff.

i like it.

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