cleaning for company

the thing is, we all do it-- clean more than usual because someone is coming over. my former sister-in-law used to say that she invited people over every weekend just to make herself clean her house! (which isn't true, by the way-- she has a lovely home and just likes it clean). i am certainly more motivated to vacuum if someone is coming over than i might otherwise be.

and yet-- with television, movies, magazines-- all showing us perfect homes all the time (usually as backdrops, but we certainly register the perfection as much as we register the perfection of the movie star)-- it is an awfully big load we put on ourselves. it is impossible to keep our houses looking like those on television-- we don't have a crew of people to place everything just so! we have pets who vomit, shed, and drool! we have children-- beautiful wonderful children-- who leave their things behind them as if they need a trail to find their way back to the front door several times a day! and we are, hopefully, LIVING our lives-- reading, talking, being with our families-- and therefore there are going to be newspapers, a few dishes in the sink, some dog fur on the floor.

give yourself a break. invite your best friend over with your house as it normally is on non-company days. see if she doesn't relax a little bit more...

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