i have been intensely aware during these last weeks of the incredible changes our little shop has gone through in the last few years.  there is a great awareness in my days of the endings and beginnings that we all go through-- over and over again-- in our daily lives.  a shop is no different-- not really-- we keep moving forward and we keep, therefore, going through comings and goings-- leavings and arrivals.

we are literally on the verge of our 're-branding'-- the name change that will mean that 'the claw foot tub' (technically speaking) will no longer exist-- it will be re-born as 'home and homme'.  the sign guy is coming this very afternoon to pick up our big sign and take it away to re-paint it with our new name and tag-line 'local, handmade, vintage'.  i am not sad-- in fact very little is changing in terms of what we do and how we do it-- but we will no longer be 'the 'tub' and that change marks both an ending and a beginning like any other.

and at the same time the heart of this place-- the people who work here-- are also undergoing  major transitions.  kate-- much loved kate--who worked with me for many years and since then has continued to be my friend and confident-- packed up her life last weekend with her beloved and moved to chicago to study under a well known pastry chef.  and molly-- much cherished molly-- who has worked with me for as many years as kate plus some more-- has graduated from her masters program and taken on the very big life task of a 'real job'.  these fine young women are on grand adventures of which i could not be more proud and i bestow enormous blessings on both of them.

the days are a little bit quieter around here without them.

dean works away on taking beautiful photographs of all our new products-- chipping away at this enormous task we are undertaking of putting everything online in our new webstore (homeandhomme.com-- coming soon!).  he is calm and industrious.  i, however,  feel like the ground under my very feet is shifting and i am excited and flighty and having an incredibly difficult time focussing on any one thing.   i have not been writing-- i am caught between the grief over the past and the excitement of the future-- and unable to decide which moment to capture on 'paper'.   i have been working on my house and the houses of clients, and i have been ordering new products that will bring 'home and homme' closer than ever to the vision i have had for my shop from the beginning.  and at some soon point i will land-- firmly and happily-- in what is now only the future.

that will be good.

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